Saturday, 3 August 2013

CRM 2011 - PluginType' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'customworkflowactivityinfo'.

Thought I'd share a quick post, regarding an error you may get when trying to import a solution into a CRM 2011 organization.

PluginType' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'customworkflowactivityinfo'.

The issue is caused by a version difference between the source and destination CRM servers. 


1. Check that the destination CRM server has the same or greater Update Rollup installed. If not then update the destination server. Update 10 or greater is required if you had imported this organization from a CRM 4.0 system.
2. Using Deployment Manager verify that the Organization you are attempting to import the solutions into has the correct version, if not then use the Update process.
This should resolve the issue.


  1. Do you have any other suggestions? I am getting that error message, and the source and destination servers are both on rollup 14.

  2. Hi

    Can you check the version of the Organization in both Source and Destination. You will need to use Deployment Manager.

  3. Yep, checked both: 5.0.9690.3557.

  4. Will need to take a look at the trace log & download log from the failed solution.
    Can you capture and share this information.

  5. I can't fit even a good portion of the log here, so here's a snip:

    [2013-08-07 16:44:12.275] Process: w3wp |Organization:7666c106-74ff-e211-b477-000c292d6dc5 |Thread: 15 |Category: Exception |User: b7fbca67-9ea0-4377-b84c-bcabaa155652 |Level: Error |ReqId: 507cdbb5-929a-4312-98b8-de680b2c9552 | AttributeMetadataNotFoundException..ctor ilOffset = 0x0
    at AttributeMetadataNotFoundException..ctor(String entityName, String attributeName, NameMappingType mapping) ilOffset = 0x0
    at EntityMetadata.GetAttribute(String attributeName, NameMappingType mapping) ilOffset = 0x19
    at BusinessEntity.PerformTypeCheck(String attributeName, Object attributeValue) ilOffset = 0x19
    at BusinessEntity.SetAttributeValue(String attributeName, Object attributeValue) ilOffset = 0x8
    at WorkflowSandboxCustomActivityValidator.ValidateInternal() ilOffset = 0x2D9
    >Crm Exception: Message: 'PluginType' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'customworkflowactivityinfo'., ErrorCode: -2147217149

  6. CRM is loading older version's of the Microsoft Xrm DLL's. Have you or any other person added any of the Microsoft Xrm assemblies into the Gac.

    Can you check, and if the answer is yes then you will need to remove them, or update them with the latest versions. Remember to restart the CRM Services.

  7. I dont have any Microsoft xrm assemblies in the gac :( Could it have anything to do with the version of the SDK used to build the assembly included in the solution?

  8. Yes that is exactly what is happening, there is some confusion in loading the correct version of the Microsoft Xrm SDK dll's used to build the solution. CRM will use the GAC in locating a library, this is why I asked you to check their.

    Can you check what mode you used when you reference the SDK assemblies, there is a property called "SpecificVersion". I would suggest that you check this and ensure that you configure your VS Project references to use newer versions. Update the source CRM system, export your solution and re-attempt the import into the target/destination CRM system.

    Let me know how it goes?

  9. Hi,

    I've got the same problem after rollup 14. Organizations created after installing rollup 14 don't really have the 'customworkflowactivityinfo' column in their 'plugintypebase' entity table, organizations created before rollup 14 do have it. Building custom workflow activities against the newest SDK (5.0.16) doesn't solve the problem.

  10. We have the same issue. If I create a new organisation on our dev server with Rollup 14 it has the CustomWorkflowActivityInfo column. Anything converted or imported doesn't contain it.

    I have tried taking a client's CRM 4 database into another dev server running rollup 11 then importing this database into our server running rollup 14 and it doesn't contain the CustomWorkflowActivityInfo column.

    Microsoft need to sort this asap.


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