Saturday, 23 February 2013

CRM 2011 - Error Importing Solution

When trying to Import an unmanaged or managed solution, you may experience the following error:

Error while Importing a solution in CRM 2011 – The solution file is invalid. The compressed file must contain the following files at its root: solution.xml, customizations.xml, and [Content_Types].xml

The issue can be either one of a few, could be that the file  is corrupt, the file has been tampered with, but the most probable cause is that the file has been zipped/compressed incorrectly. 

You should check that there are 3 .xml files in the root of the solutions .zip file, which should include:
  • solutions.xml
  • customizations.xml
  • [Content_Types].xml

The obvious thing would be to try exporting the solution again and try importing this, however if this is not an option, please do the follow:

1. Extract the solution .zip and navigate to the folder until you can see the 3 .xml files, along with the other contents of the solution.

2. Select all files and folders, then right click and use the Send to > Compressed Folder option as displayed below:

Now try importing the newly created .zip solutions file, and you should be fine.

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